2005 Center Publications

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Invited Lectures and Seminars

Bashir, R., BioMEMS to Bionanotechnology: State of the Art in Integrated Biochips and Future Prospects, Plenary Session II (Nov 10th): Advances in Biomaterials, Bionanotechnology, Biomimetic Systems and Tissue Engineering, AIChE 2004 Annual Meeting, Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX. (invited), (November 7-12).
Bashir, R., BioMEMS to Bionanotechnology: State of the Art in Integrated Biochips and Future Prospects, SPIE Optics East: Nanosensing: Material and Devices, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. (invited), (October 25-28, 2004).
Bashir, R., Gupta, A., Akin, D., Jang, J. Nano-mechanical Resonant Sensors for Virus Detection, Chemical and Biological Sensing with Microcantilevers, American Physical Society Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA. (Invited), (March 21, 2005).
Bhunia, A.K., Biosensor – the next frontier in pathogen detection Auburn University, Auburn, AL. (March, 2004).
Huang, T., Chen, W., Geng, T., Gomez, R., Bashir, R., Bhunia, A., Ladisch, M.R., Fundamentals of Nanotechnology: Relationship to Food Science and Technology, Invited Lecture, Paper 45-1, at the Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologiests, Symposium: Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology for Food Safety and Engineering, Las Vegas, NV (July 14, 2004).
Ladisch, M., Biotechnology Industry Organization, Nanotechnology and Press-fit Microdevices, The 2nd Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, Orlando, FL (April 20, 2005).
Ladisch, M.R., Rapid Prototyping of Purification Platforms, University of Arizona (March 1, 2005).
Ladisch, M.R., Huang, T., Armstrong, R., Mosier, N., Fundamentals of Nanotechnology in Agriculture, Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Paper 205, 229th National ACS Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Diego, CA (March 17, 2005).
Li, H., Akin, D., Bashir, R., Applications of Dielectrophoretic "Tweezers" in Determining the Biological Receptor-Ligand Interaction Forces and Selectively Removing Different Species in Biochips, 46th Electronic Materials Conference, Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana, June 23-25, 2004