2006 Center Publications

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Bae, E., Analysis and characterization of multi-scale scattering : Application to bacterial colonies. Ph.D. Dissertation. Dec 2006. Purdue University. 148 p.
Burgula, Y., "Detection of select foodborne pathogens using FT-IR spectroscopy," Ph.D. Dissertation. 2006. Purdue University.
Chen, W., Biomedical Engineering, "Engineering and Analysis of Immobilized Enzyme System in Microfluidic Device," Ph.D. Dissertation. 2006. Purdue University, 135 p.
Davis, K.D., "Assessment of molecular virulence gene profiling and antibodies for rapid detection of pathogenic Escherichia coli isolates." Ph.D. Dissertation. 2005. Purdue University. 138 p.
Lathrop, A.A., "Development of Listeria monocytogenes specific antibodies using a proteomic/genomics approach and expression of antibody-specific antigens InlB and ActA under different environments. Ph.D. Dissertation." 2005. Purdue University. 142 p.
Nagel, A.C., "Development and analysis of bioreporters in biofilms," Masters Thesis. 2006. Purdue University.
Valadez, A.M., Development of a fiber-optic waveguide biosensor assay for the detection of Salmonella Enteritidis in food. M.S. Thesis 2006. Purdue University. 105 p.