2007 Center Publications

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Books and Book Chapters

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Kizil, R. and Irudayaraj, J., FT-Raman spectroscopy for food and biomaterial characterization. Irudayaraj, J., Christoph, R. editors. IFT Press, Blackwell Publishing Professional, Ames, IA. Nondestructive Sensing for Food Quality. 2007.
Kizil, R., Irudayaraj, J., 2007. FT-Raman spectroscopy for food and biomaterial characterization. Nondestructive sensing for food quality. IFT Press, (Editors. Irudayaraj and Christoph), Blackwell Publishing Professional, Ames, IA 50014.
Wang, H.Y., Banada, P.P., Bhunia, A.K., Lu, C., Rapid electrical lysis of bacterial cells in a microfluidic device. Floriano, P.N., editor. Humana Press, Totowa, NJ. Methods in Molecular Biology vol. 385: Microchip-based Assay Systems: Methods and Applications. 2007. p. 23-35.
Yu, C., Irudayaraj, J., Sensitivity and selectivity limits of multiplex nanoSPR biosensor assays. Nagarajan, R. editor. American Chemical Society Books, American Chemical Society. Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Passivation, Stabilization, and Functionalization. 2007.