2008 Center Publications

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Bae, E., Banada, P.P., Huff, K., Bhunia, A.K., Robinson, J.P., Hirleman, E.D., Analysis of time-resolved scattering from macroscale bacterial colonies. Journal of Biomedical Optics. 2008. v. 13 (1). p. 014010.
Banerjee, P., Lenz, D., Robinson, J.P., Rickus, J.L., Bhunia, A.K., A novel and simple cell-based detection system with collagen-encapsulated B-lymphocyte cell line as a biosensor for rapid detection of pathogens and toxins. Laboratory Investigation. 2008. v. 88. p. 196-206.
Bao, N., Jagadeesan, B., Bhunia, A.K., Yao, Y., Lu, C., Quantification of bacterial cells based on autofluorescence on a microfluidic platform. Journal of Chromatography. 2008. v. 1181. p. 153-158.
Bao, N., Lu, C., A microfluidic device for physical trapping and electrical lysis of bacterial cells. Applied Physics Letters. 2008. v. 92. p. 214103.
Bao, N., Wang, J., Lu, C., Recent advances in electric analysis of cells in microfluidic systems. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2008. v. 391. p. 933-942.
Bhattacharya, S., Salamat, S., Morisette, D., Banada, P., Akin, D., Liu, Y-S., Bhunia, A. K., Ladisch, M., Bashir, R., PCR based-detection in a micro-fabricated platform. Lab on a Chip. 2008. v. 8. p. 1130-1136.
Bhunia, A.K., Biosensors and bio-based methods for the separation and detection of foodborne pathogens. Advances in Food and Nutrition Research. 2008. v. 54. p. 1-44.
Kim, H., Bhunia, A.K., SEL, a selective enrichment broth for simultaneous growth of Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Listeria monocytogenes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2008. v. 74 (15). p. 4853-4866.
Kim, Y., Hendrickson, R., Mosier, N. S., Ladisch, M. R., Bals, B., Balan, V., Dale, B.E., Enzyme hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation of liquid hot water and afex pretreated distillers' grains at high-solids loadings. Bioresource Technology. 2008. v. 99(12). p. 5206-5215.
Kim, Y., Mosier, N., Ladisch, M. R., Process simulation of modified dry grind ethanol plant with recycle of pretreated and enzymatically hydrolyzed distillers' grains. Bioresource Technology. 2008. v. 99(12). p. 5177-5192.
Kim, Y., Mosier, N. S., Hendrickson, R., Ezeji, T., Blaschek, H., Dien, B., Cotta, M., Dale, B., Ladisch M. R., Composition of corn dry-grind ethanol by-products: DDGS, 3 wet cake, and thin stillage. Bioresource Technology. 2008. v. 99(12). p. 5165-5176.
Ladisch, M., Dale, B., Tyner, W., Mosier, N.S., Kim, Y., Cotta, M., Dien, B.S., Blaschek, H., Laurenas, E., Shanks, B., Verkade, J., Schell, C., Petersen, G., Cellulose conversion in dry grind ethanol plants. Bioresource Technology. 2008. v. 99(12). p. 5157-5159.
Ladisch, M. R., Dale, D., Distillers grains: On the pathway to cellulose conversion. Bioresource Technology. 2008. v. 99(12) p. 5155-5156.
Lathrop, A.L., Banada, P.P., Bhunia, A.K., Differential expression of InlB and ActA in Listeria monocytogenes in selective and nonselective enrichment broths. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 2008. v. 104. p. 627-639.
Liu, Y-S., Banada, P.P., Bhattacharya, S., Bhunia, A.K., Bashir, R., Electrical characterization of DNA molecules in solution using impedance measurements. Applied Physics Letters. 2008. v. 92. p. 143902.
Stewart, P.S., Franklin, M.J., Physiological heterogeneity in biofilms. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 2008. v. 6 p.199-210.
Wang, C., Irudayaraj, J., Gold nanorod probes detects multiple pathogens. Small - a Nanotechnology Journal. 2008. (In Press).
Yang, L., Banda, P.P., Bhunia, A.K., Bashir, R., Effects of dielectrophoresis on growth, viability, and immuno-reactivity of Listeria monocytogenes. Journal of Biological Engineering. (2008) v. 2(6). p.
Yang, L., Bashir, R., Electrical/electrochemical impedance for rapid detection of foodborne pathogenic bacteria. Biotechnology Progress, Biotechnology Advances. 2008. v. 26. p. 135-150.