Development of light scattering technologies for the identification of pathogenic bacteria.

Investigator: Arun K. Bhunia (Department of Food Science)

Project Report 2011 - 2012

Project Description:

A laser sensor is used to instantly screen bacterial colonies on a Petri-dish for early pathogen detection. The sensor, designated BARDOT (BActerial Rapid Detection using Optical light scattering Technology), is a noninvasive label-free detection and identification system that works by passing a laser beam through each bacterial colony present on a Petri-dish. This generates a light scatter signature that is specific to each bacterium and allows for the identification of bacterial pathogens in food samples.

Project Highlight:

BARDOT is a user-friendly high throughput detection device that can rapidly screen food samples for the presence of harmful bacterial pathogens to enhance food safety, reduce foodborne outbreaks, and save lives.

Annual Report